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The Life of Jesus Christ

Author – P I Jacob

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The Life of Jesus Christ

By PI Jacob

Published by Gospel Literature Service, Mumbai.


The book – A combined, Chronological Narrative of the Four Gospels unfolds the Person, Works and Words of the Living Saviour of the World.  Since the Gospel writers present events in life of Jesus Christ in different perceptive and chronological order, this combination of their writings provide something that is easy to read and understand. The Nestle Greek Text is used as the main basis for the narratives in this book.  And every effort has been taken to make the language simple and unambiguous.  No verse from the original or part of one is omitted except to avoid duplication.

This presentation can appeal a modern reader as the details of life, works and words Jesus Christ has been arranged in an orderly fashion. It is non-controversial, authentic, appealing, effective, engaging, impactful and reads like a story.  The book is very effective in promoting the good news to Non-Christians of all age groups, of different religious, cultural backgrounds, occupation, education and income. Prepare to witness by reading it. Promote it among Non-Christians. Help sharing the Good News by gifting it to your relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and those in power and authority.  The book can be a fine gift for Christmas, New Year or any occasion.  Obtain a copy from the nearest book store.

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