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GLS launches an effective witnessing Tool: The Life of Jesus Christ


Mumbai: GLS launches an effective witnessing Tool:  The Life of Jesus Christ. The book – A combined, Chronological Narrative of the Four Gospels unfolds the Person, Works and Words of the Living Saviour of the World. It is non-controversial, authentic, appealing, effective, engaging, impactful and reads like a story.  The book is very effective in promoting the good news to Non-Christians of all age groups, of different religious, cultural backgrounds, occupation, education and income. Prepare to witness by reading it. Promote it among Non-Christians. Keep a few copies handy. Help sharing the Good News by gifting it to your relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and those in power and authority.  The book can be a fine gift for Christmas, New Year or any occasion.

Special Features : The book is organised into 7 sections and begins with the birth of Jesus and goes to narrate His growth in Nazareth, Ministry all over Palestine, His Crucifixion, and resurrection and closing with Ascension and promise of His return.

The introduction gives a preview of the life of Jesus Christ and the conclusion “A Compelling Life” gives enough reasons for any unbiased reader to receive Him into hisor her life. Establishes the uniqueness of Christ. It delves into His person, moral perfection, His teachings, works, claims and words by weaving together over 250 gospel events to form the core Gospel message. The book is non-controversial and yet uncompromising in its assertion that “Jesus is God, Jesus is   Sovereign, Jesus is Savior and Jesus is Lord of all”

 The translation is reliable, unambiguous and readable version. It is produced in an easy to read format which makes it all the more appealing and engaging at the same time. Gospel Events with Bible References, Chapter Notes and Glossary are given to help the reader compare and study the gospel accounts from the Bible.

The Utility: It is a book that challenges a non-Christian’s view about faith, beliefs, traditions and personal salvation in and agreeable manner. It helps the reader to examine the truth that is embodied in the person of  Jesus Christ.

Above all, in this book, Jesus talks face to face and authenticates Himself to the reader that there is salvation in no one else; there is no other name in all of the heaven to people to call on and save them. The book is very effective in promoting the good news to non –Christians of all age groups of different religious, cultural backgrounds, occupation, education and income. Help sharing the Good News by gifting it to your relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and those in power and authority.





Israel Final Countdown revised edition launched

Mumbai: The revised edition of the book ‘Israel Final Countdown’ by Kumaru Nadesan has been launched and now is on sale. This comprehensive volume contains dramatic events from the patriarchal times through the catastrophic events that visited their seed after them in AD 70, the turbulent times of the World Wars, the unprecedented persecutions and sufferings that followed accelerating the birth of a nation and the colossal end time dramatic events that await not only the Jews but every man and woman born upon this earth and much more………

Brief overview of the book:

This book portrays the history of the calling of Israel in antiquity, God’s covenant with them, their rejection of God …… their captivities…… the catastrophic events that accelerated their return to their Land of Promise, the pricking thorns that keep pricking Israel, …. Hostilities…. the greatly feared Iran nuclear deal…. Iran-North Korea axis…. imperial ambitions of Russia …Chinese military muscle flexing, religious fanaticism across the globe-, the rapidly changing political upheavals – What do all these events point to? What is the future of Israel? – What is the future of nations? What is your future as an individual? To know answers to these and other baffling questions do not miss reading this book- A book fully packed with dramatic events from political secular history and Biblical history and prophecy. Do not miss reading this book to understand your own place in the grand purpose of God. A book of its kind for the first time reviewed by theologians and Bible scholars.

Book Reviews:

“……… throws profound light on why Israel has to exist as a nation to accomplish the covenantal blessings upon the nations and to fulfil God’s plan and purpose for man. General public, lay people, pastors, and students of theology will immensely benefit from reading this book”- Dr. Eliya Mohol, Dean-Doctoral Studies, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune.

“…….is a composite volume containing excellent account of Israel’s history, from patriarchal times through the turbulent times of World Wars, Jacob’s trouble and the reasons why Israel has to exist as a Nation to bring to fruition God’s plan for Israel and the entire humanity. Do not miss reading this book” – P. Abraham, Editor, Light of Life, Mumbai.

“………Unlike other writers of eschatology, the author gives the framework of past events from Biblical and secular political history and future events touching the destiny of Israel and other nations”- Joy John, Academic Dean, Asian Christian Academy, Hosur.

“………..ISRAEL: The Final Countdown is a solid and Scripturally-based eschatologicalwork that talks about the future of Israel and the only hope for mankind”- Robin Sam, Managing Editor, The Christian Messenger, Chennai.

Pages: 482

Price:   425 (add Rs 25 for postage)



GLS Kerala to organize Discount Sale

Pathanamthitta:  GLS Kerala will be organizing a massive discount sale from 16 to 31 May 2016 at GLS Publishing, MTS Commercial Complex, College Road, Pathanamthitta, Kerala 689645.  The sale offers discount up to 80% on books. English and Malayalam Bibles, dictionaries, study Bibles, reference books, theological books, commentaries, biographies and other titles will be available on the sale. Books from other publications will also be showcased on the occasion. For further details contact: 0468-2221248, 8592885546. Email:



GLS launches 100 Bible Lessons in Assamese

One of the best sellers of GLS Publishing, ‘One Hundred Bible Lessons’ by Alban Douglas is now available in Assamese language. The book features comprehensive outlines of major Christian doctrines and key issues relating to Christian life. The book has English, Kannada, Oriya, Telugu and Malayalam editions.

Pages: 442

Price: 375

Hardback Edition



GLS Kerala gets New Office

GLS Kerala Office and Store have been shifted from MGM Tower, Pathanamthitta to MTS Complex, Ground Floor, College Road, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. 689645. Tel:0468-2221248, 8592885545, 8592885546 E-mail:


GLS releases new Malayalam title

GLS launches Malayalam edition of one of its best sellers ‘Biblical Principles of Leadership’. The new book ‘Vedanusara Nethruththuam Adisthana Thathuangal’ will help elders and pastors to reach a new level of Biblical leadership. This book’s overall Biblical orientation and practical relevance make it a top choice for exploring the basics of spiritual leadership.

Author : Dr. Alexander Kurian

Price: Rs 175 in India / US$ 8.00 for overseas
Biblical leadership image back



GLS Book Fair

Date : 12th  to 17th October 2015 (Tuesday to Saturday)

Timing: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (Saturday 10.00 am to 1.00 pm)

Venue: Mount Zion Resource Centre

A-7, Sara Park, N-2, CIDCO, Mukundwadi, Jalna Road,

Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006

Contact: Pastor Paul Rainer Cell: 09890020750

                Pastor Alisha Navgire Cell: 09822372214

On Display

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various languages, Movie/Music DVDs in HINDI/Marathi/English, Tracks, Booklets and other Evangelical tools will be available.



Udyod Bhavan, 250D, Worli Colony,

Mumbai – 400030

Tel: 022-24930116/66627243 Cell: 07506712148



The Oracles of God


GLS releases CH Spurgeon Series

Book: Classic Counsels

Author: C H Spurgeon

The Prince of Preachers is remembered even today for his sermons at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London reaches out to us through the pages of this book. Though there are over 1900 sermons of his that have been published, these choice messages cover aspects of personal spiritual experience with Christian responsibilities in Spurgeon’s distinctively compelling and uplifting style. These are selected from sermons and shorter addresses with some given at the Tabernacle Prayer Meetings. These edited messages with modernized punctuation cover various soul-stirring topics like obtaining certain assurance, encouraging outsiders, relief for a downcast believer, the Christian and places of entertainment & how converts are sustained and many more poignant truths.  Sit back and lend your heart to these classic counsels.

Publishers: GLS Mumbai

Price: Rs 125/-

Book: Sunlight for Cloudy Days

Author: C H Spurgeon

The Metropolitan Tabernacle brings to you from its very own pulpit, fourteen heartwarming messages of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. His powerful sermons of penetrating thought and precise exposition encourage and challenge believers across the globe. These chosen messages drawn mainly from prayer meeting addresses with some from Sunday sermons given at the Metropolitan Tabernacle include various subjects like how humility leads to assurance, salvation for those who die in infancy, the purpose of pain & knowing the special love of God. These show us that though we have had our cloudy days, the sun has never set until we have had our glimpses of sunlight from heaven.

Publishers: GLS Mumbai

Price: Rs 125/-


GLS releases new book ‘The oracles of God’

Book: The Oracles of God

Author: J M Davies

The Bible is the Inspired Word of God and an authoritative text consisting of God’s plan and purpose for humanity. Through the seven chapters, beginning with the inspiration and inerrancy of the Scripture and progressing on to the topic of the calling and the mission of the Church the author contends that the Bible is still today God’s Inspired Word that equips believers to be fortified, builds them up and establishes them in the faith so that they do not get swayed by the winds of new and strange doctrines. The wariness of the author about the speedy inroads that rationalistic ideologies have made into theological colleges and their ongoing infiltration of the pulpit and Christian assemblies in the last few decades stand out starkly in these pages.

                Pick it up and explore the privileges and responsibilities entrusted to us as stewards of God’s Word.

Price: ₹ 75/- 


Free Distribution of Evangelistic Resources

GLS is committed to the churches and the Lord’s servants in India by providing quality resources for local evangelism. This means developing, publishing and supplying tracts, booklets and books designed to present the gospel in a succinct but clear manner, free of cost. The following info graphic shows a detailed break-up of numbers and areas of our reach. But more so, these figures and statistics tell the story of a nation and its Church committed to fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. GLS has been honoured and privileged to partner in this task. We welcome churches and committed believers to partner with us through prayers and support.
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