The Seed

The Seed


‘Now the parable is this: The seed is the Word of God.’ Luke 8: 11 

The good soil of the heart not only receives the Word of God with joy but the seed is held fast and takes root because that soil is full of honesty, humility and goodness. And thus it bears fruit with patient endurance and unshakeable faith in that Word. What is the condition of our hearts?

In times of testing, the crucible where our faith in God is proven, the seed will not fall away onto cynical or doubtful ground, but remain secure and be acted upon. The seed is not choked by the cares and concerns of each day. The pleasures of life are nothing to be compared with the promises of God. The seed’s growth is unhindered by such affairs. Despite temptations and distractions, the seed is embedded deeply in the heart and matures slowly to bear glorious fruit. Finally, the seed is not swept away by the enticements of others. For the heart remains faithful to One voice alone and delights in that familiar voice, ready and eager to obey.

The seed is the Word of God. Our hearts are the arena offering a welcome place for the seed to flourish. Our lives bear evidence to the seed maturing in our heart. What hinders us from providing a place whereby God’s Word can take root and grow? Are we ruminating upon the Word planted in our heart and then acting upon it each day? Let this deep, mysterious work that God is developing be without hindrance or resistance in the depths of our heart.

By Jennifer Woodley

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