Hang In There

Hang In There

My wife and I had barely settled into our new home. We were just starting our family and there was little room in the budget for extras – let alone disaster. So we were not prepared when the neighbors sprawling 100 year old oak tree decided it had had enough, uprooted itself late one night and found a resting place on our roof – or should I say through our roof! Repairing the damage was about a four month ordeal and, believe me, seeing our roof draped in blue tarp for that long without knowing how it was going to get fixed or who was going to pay for it was an anxiety causing event.

When things go unexpectedly; when a big wrench is thrown into your life, how do you react? If you find yourself quickly mired in anger, frustration, fear or anxiety you are proving that you drink from your own shallow well of self-sufficiency. On the other hand, genuine trust in God means believing that he has allowed this to come into your life for a reason; that He is pruning you for greater fruitfulness (John 15:2); that every bump in the road brings you a little closer to who you were meant to be. Trust in God! The Spirit of God is all powerful so give the Spirit more authority than you give to your fears. This abiding faith gives God room to move and leaves the believer more pliable and useful in His hands. It is manifested in a submissive heart that leads to an all-encompassing peace of mind no matter the circumstance – proof you drink from the everlasting well that will never run dry (John 4:14).

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