GLS releases new book ‘The oracles of God’


GLS releases new book ‘The oracles of God’

Book: The Oracles of God

Author: J M Davies

The Bible is the Inspired Word of God and an authoritative text consisting of God’s plan and purpose for humanity. Through the seven chapters, beginning with the inspiration and inerrancy of the Scripture and progressing on to the topic of the calling and the mission of the Church the author contends that the Bible is still today God’s Inspired Word that equips believers to be fortified, builds them up and establishes them in the faith so that they do not get swayed by the winds of new and strange doctrines. The wariness of the author about the speedy inroads that rationalistic ideologies have made into theological colleges and their ongoing infiltration of the pulpit and Christian assemblies in the last few decades stand out starkly in these pages.

                Pick it up and explore the privileges and responsibilities entrusted to us as stewards of God’s Word.

Price: ₹ 75/- 

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