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Failure Is Not Fatal

Having finished the breakfast at the fireside, it is time for business. Not business as usual. Peter was picked up to answer some tough questions. During the previous three years he was the first to answer the questions raised by Jesus. He was even willing to lay down his life to defend his Master. But his bravado couldn’t stand the test of the realities. He had failed and failed miserably. He couldn’t stand the scrutiny of a maid. That also had happened by a fireside. He had denied that he even knew Jesus. What fall for a man who had openly declared that Jesus was the Christ, the promised Saviour! But that was in the security of the company of the Lord and his companions. That shield having been removed Peter lost his nerve.
But, for a disciple of Jesus, failure is not fatal. The Master comes down to His disciple to lovingly restore him. He had a fire and food ready for their tired and cold bodies that had toiled the whole night in the sea.
Peter was unwilling to look the Master in the eye. He was secretly hoping that the Master had forgotten that shameful incident of a few days earlier. He was sure that Jesus knew all about it. He had even looked at him then the way only He could, a combination of compassion and love combined with sternness.
Then suddenly it came. A direct and earnest question. “Do you love me more than these?” He is not asking Peter to make a public confession of the whole incident. Jesus knew his heart. He knew how fear had gripped Peter then. He knew about Peter’s agony and bitter cry at the wrong doing. It is better not repeated. But he needs the reassurance of restoration. For that he had to confess his love for the Master … once for each time he denied. And three times the Mater repeated that Peter still had a great work to do.
Reassured of his Master’s confidence, Peter goes on to open the gates of the Kingdom of God to the Jews as well as the gentiles.
The Master’s ways are fantastic!!


Breakfast by the Fireside

“When they stepped ashore, they saw a charcoal fire there with fish on it and some bread.” John 21:9

After a whole night of labour the disciples were tired and dejected, having caught no fish. A stranger standing on the shore tells them to cast the net on the right side. They would do anything to make sure that they didn’t get back empty handed. Their trust in the words of the stranger was not in vain. They got a good catch. But the stranger wasn’t through with them. He was waiting for them with hot breakfast.

Some of them may have recalled a similar incident a few years earlier when at the word of a Carpenter turned preacher Jesus they had cast their nets and got an incredible catch. He had promised to change them from being fishermen to fishers of men. As they followed him, they had realized that he was the Christ, the promised Messiah.

But now in their desperation they had turned back to their old profession. Once again the same Jesus is by their side. But he is different now. He was the resurrected Jesus. He had died a cruel death on the cross and come back to life three days after proving that Himself to be the Living God.

Once again the resurrected Jesus gives a fresh instruction to Peter about the work he has to do.

Are you tired and at the end of the tether? The same living Jesus Christ is waiting to refresh you and to give new direction for your life. Call on him and he will answer.